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Hiring Roofing Contractors in Houston, Texas

Mar 3, 2020
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Your roof is one of the most expensive components of your home. That's why it's so important to hire a reputable Houston roofing contractor. Doing so could mean the difference between protecting your investment...or not.

Your roof is one of the most expensive components of your home. That's why it's so important to hire a reputable Houston roofing contractor. Doing so could mean the difference between protecting your investment...or not.

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Roofing Contractors in Houston

If you opt to go with a random Houston roofing contractor who doesn't necessarily have the knowledge or experience to do the job right, it will end up costing you more money in the long run. Unscrupulous roofing contractors often cut corners and are known for reusing materials from your old roof like the flashing, etc.

Common Inexperienced Roofing Contractor Mistakes

Hiring an inexperienced roofing contractor could lead to mistakes that only roofers without much experience would make. For example:

  • Mismatched Shingles

 If the roofing company purchased shingles from different suppliers, they probably won't match and might not all be of the same quality.

  • Installing Your New Shingles Over the Old Ones

Installing an additional layer of shingles over the old roof shingles might save you money; however, this practice is illegal in some places. Additionally, adding another layer of shingles adds weight to your roof and walls. Your roof can only withstand a certain amount of PSI (pounds per square inch), so over time, that extra weight could damage your decking, walls, and the other components of your roof as well. The cost of replacing an entire roof versus just the shingles is extremely expensive, not to mention the damage any extra weight could do to your walls.

  • Improper Shingle Installation

Each manufacturer has specific installation instructions for their shingles. For example, how many nails to use per shingle and the placement of those nails. If the manufacturer's installation instructions are not followed, it could void your roof's warranty.

  • Incorrectly Installed or Omitted Attic Ventilation

A professional Houston roofing contractor will know exactly which attic ventilation system your roof needs and how to properly install it. The attic ventilation is just as important as the shingles, if not more. The purpose of attic ventilation is to create the proper in and out airflow for your attic. If you don't have attic ventilation or you have an attic ventilation system that doesn't work properly, it will cause your shingles to curl and wear out much sooner than they would otherwise. It could also ruin your attic's insulation and significantly increase your monthly energy bills.

  • Not Pulling a Permit

Some contractors try to save money and take shortcuts by not getting a permit before replacing your roof. Almost every jurisdiction requires a permit before replacing a roof. If your contractor didn't pull a permit to replace your roof, they are not the ones responsible—the homeowner is. This could cost you big. You could be forced to pay hefty fines, the county could make you remove your new roof and have a new permitted one installed. And, your homeowner's insurance company generally will not insure your roof and possibly deny other claims that in their opinion are related.

These are just a few of the ways inexperienced roofing contractors in Houston, Texas could cause serious problems for a homeowner.

Signs of Reputable Roofing Contractors in Houston, Texas

The signs of reputable roofing contractors in Houston, Texas include:

  • Having a local address and phone number.
  • Good Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.
  • Properly licensed and insured.
  • Can provide a list of online and offline references and     reviews.
  • Provides a detailed scope of the project in writing.
  • Good communication and customer service.
  • They have manufacturer certifications for the products     they sell.

WARNING: Avoid storm chasers, roofing contractors who randomly knock on your door, or any unsolicited attempts to sell you a roof.

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