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Even though the main features of your home may be your roof, doors and windows, you should not take details such as soffit and fascia for granted. These key components offer extra ventilation and prevent any mold or mildew from entering your home.

Fascia & Soffit Roof Installation and Repair
Roof Inspection

Having your roof inspected by a professional soffit and fascia contractor near you is the only way to guarantee that every inch of your roof will be looked at. Our team of roof repair and replacement specialists will give you a detailed examination of your roof to determine what kind of work is needed on your roof. In the end, you’ll get a comprehensive Picture Report that will tell you the extent of the damage, if any.

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Why should you get your soffit and fascia?

Many people don’t realize the importance of these two elements that run along at the edge of the roof and they are more than simple decorative items.



The fascia is the roofline, it spans the area where outer walls meet the roof. It helps your roof appear finished and it serves as a transition between your home and the roofline. It supports shingles and keeps moisture out.


The soffit is the part of the overhang where your roof meets your siding. It covers your eves while preventing water from seeping into your interior and stopping pests from getting in.

Making sure both soffit and fascia are installed correctly and are watertight is essential if you want to have peace of mind.


Most Common Soffit & Fascia Issues:

A comprehensive roof inspection will determine the extent of the damage and you’ll know whether you need a roof repair or a complete roof installation. Keep in mind that ignoring soffits and fascia issues long enough can lead to a more expensive damage.

Damaged or old gutters:

Regularly checking on your gutters and making sure they are functioning properly can prevent them from overflowing and clogging. If they are in poor conditions, it can lead to water damage on your soffits.

Structural Flaws:

If you notice any kind of damage on your gutters, flashing, shingles or see any roof leaks and it goes unchecked, your soffits will not be able to keep water out properly.


Some animals are known for building their nests inside the soffit and fascia. By installing them properly, you can be sure they will serve as a strong protection against them

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