roofing project

Can you live inside during a roofing project?

There is no way around it. When the time comes to have your roof replaced or repaired, at one point or another, you're more than likely going to have to decide whether you should stay home or not.

roofing project

There is no way around it. When the time comes to have your roof replaced or repaired, at one point or another, you're more than likely going to have to deal with the roofing company closest to your area and you'll have to decide whether you'll want to stay home or not.

Living in the house during the Replacement. 

On most small to medium-sized roofing projects, replacing or repairing your roof takes a couple of days on average (there are certain factors to consider, like the extent of the damage) to get done. On the downside, there will be a lot of chaos; noise, debris, and dust all over the place. Needless to say, the crew at Roof Repair Squad will always ensure a clean, organized site after a day's work, but you should, however, prepare the surrounding area to be somewhat chaotic, as it is impossible to avoid. 

On most occasions, the client chooses to stay at his/her residence and while it’s generally safe and common, there are certain things to consider. 

Before any repair work begins, you should consider the inevitable loud noise caused by machinery and labor, dust and debris will accumulate, and of course, Roof Repair Squad personnel will be present. 

If you have adverse feelings about any of the things mentioned above, you should consider finding outside accommodations. This can often be handled directly by the insurance company.

Another thing to consider is that the project's duration is commonly affected by the weather. A roof replacement/replacement is an outdoor activity and thus, rain, strong winds, snow, or any other inclement weather condition will affect the timeline. While you can live in your house, you have to be prepared to live with all these things. 

Some people find it better to go stay with friends or relatives, a motel, or in rare cases, the owner goes on vacation. 

Most adults can handle the mess and the noise, but if you have pets or small children, the situation may be too burdensome, sometimes causing anxiety-related issues. The best thing you can do is to stay away from your home while the project is in progress as pets could have certain reactions towards any personnel, or small babies could be affected by all the dust. 

If you choose to go away, remember to remain available should we need you. 

Duration of a Roof Replacement.

Every roof replacement/repair project is different. But, assuming no delays due to outside factors, Roof Repair Squad averages a roof repair in two to three days. It’s hard to say exactly, as every project has their own unique challenges, but we’ll provide you with a free, fully-transparent estimate that considers all of this information. That way, you can make plans accordingly.

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